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  Passion Overtime Cover

Passion Overtime
November 2009

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With the homecoming festivities heating up, the last thing Kyra Dixon needs is an unwelcome blast from the past. But the PR rep has been given the plum job of helping sign hunky pro-football star Terrence Franklin as Hollington’s new head coach.

Kyra knows the sexy sports star…intimately. They were once engaged—until Terrence dumped her to chase dreams of glory (and groupies). Now he’s back in her life—as irresistible as ever. And Kyra and Terrence have some unfinished business: the passion that’s raging hotter than ever between them.

After ten years of playing the field, Terrence is finally ready to settle down. Only one woman fits his fantasies of domestic bliss, but Kyra may not be ready to forgive and forget. All Terrence wants is a second chance to convince Kyra that as long as they’re together, neither of them will ever lose.



Kyra felt Terrance's hand on her lower back, and narrowed her eyes in disgust. Where the hell did he get off touching her? Her first thought was to smack his hand away, but she didn't want to appear uptight. President Morrow wanted Terrance to coach the Hollington Lions and until the ex-footballer accepted the job she had to play nice.

Refusing to shy away from his gaze, she stared up at him, marvelling at how youthful he looked even after all these years. The edges of his fine, dark hair were trimmed, giving the thirty-two year-old sports star a clean, polished appearance. His short-sleeve shirt and jeans couldn't disguise his long athletic physique. Terrance Franklin reeked of masculinity and although Kyra wasn't attracted to him, she loved the way his muscles filled out his designer shirt.

"Have you been working at Hollington since graduation?"

The friendly expression on his face didn't fool her. The former NFL running back was trouble, and Kyra knew if she ever let her guard down, she'd be sorry. "No, I worked at an advertising agency for a few years before applying here. This is my-"

Their conversation came to a halt when the door to the registrars' office flew open and a group of bright-eyed student's rushed out. "Hey, look, it's Terrance Franklin!"

Worried she might get trampled on, Kyra moved off to the side and watched in amusement as Terrance greeted the awe-struck freshmen. A small crowd gathered around him, and though he smiled apologetically at her, it was obvious he enjoyed signing autographs and connecting with his fans.

When the crowd cleared, he apologized for the interruption. "I'm sorry for making you wait. I know how busy you are getting things together for reunion weekend."

"It's no problem. You're one of the most recognizable athletes in the world, and that's why the board of directors wanted you here at Hollington. To bring excitement and enthusiasm to the college."

"Coaching at my alma mater would be a dream come true and I'm really grateful for this opportunity. Hopefully, this will be the start of a long, successful partnership."

Kyra avoided his gaze. Truth was, she found it hard to believe anything that came out of Terrance's mouth. After all, he'd lied when he said he loved her and made her the butt of their friend's jokes when he dumped her.

They continued down the hall towards the reception area. "How's your family doing? Is everyone all right?"

"Uh-huh." His crippling smile and fragrant cologne made her thoughts turn to mush. An aromatic aphrodisiac, his scent aroused her senses and elicited an unexpected physical response. Her voice caught in her throat and her skin prickled with desire. Over the years, Kyra had dated scores of cool, dreamy types, but no one aroused her like Terrance did.

"I hear your dad's church is one of the fastest growing in the south."

Mindful of him watching her, she produced a smile. Her father's ministry didn't impress her and although he'd been heralded as a dynamic Bishop, Kyra rarely attended services. Work kept her busy and she'd much rather organize her filing cabinet than listen to one of his fire and brimstone messages. "Yes, he's got quite the following."

"I'd love to see them again. Maybe one of these Sunday's I'll visit their church."

Nodding, she allowed herself a fleeting look in his direction. Terrance had a voice made for radio and a body for the big screen, and suddenly articulating her thoughts was harder than riding a unicycle backwards. All smiles and good looks, he stared at her with such genuine interest that her thoughts scrambled like marbles on concrete.




What Readers and Reviewers are saying:


Romance In Color (4++Stars)

The phrase “opposites attract” is true in this situation. The storyline is excellent, the pace is on point and the plot connects very well to the characters. It definitely keep you turning pages, anxious to see what’s going to happen next. The love scenes come toward the end and add fuel to the fire. The secondary characters bring the energy needed to keep the story flowing. Rashawn’s family is energetic; they definitely come from a different background and I could relate to their story. Yasmin’s family is articulate, educated, and caring; I enjoyed all of them.

I commend Ms. Yaye on an excellent read.
LOVE T.K.O is a must read.

Amazon Reviewer, (5 Stars):

LOVE T.K.O is a refreshing novel that reminds us of what love is really about. Pamela Yaye does it again bringing two individuals from different world into a blissful relationship.

Dr Yasmin Ohaji is a South African beauty who is a popular marriage therapist who has worked herself into a place that romance does not fit into her life but when she meets Rashawn Bishop after he came to her rescue she finds herself fighting the temptations that he presents. Pamela Yaye had me rooting for Rashawn from the beginning of the book as well as wanting to see Yasmin happy. She brings back the idea of what a relationship should really be about and how a man should treat a woman.
LOVE T.K.O is definitely one of my top reads this year.

The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers (4 Stars):

Pamela Yaye steps out of the box with the characters of LOVE T. K. O. She shows us without communication the knock out is inevitable. With communication one can stand toe to toe, complete the entire ten rounds with both opponents coming out victoriously.

While reading, I was yelling, and pulling for Yasmin and Rashawn because I could feel the chemistry between them the minute he stepped in front of her on page twelve. LOVE T. K. O. is one of my top twenty reads for the year.


Romantic Times (4 ½ Stars):

Her Kind of Man (4.5) is well written, perfectly paced and contains characters that are real and likable. With just the right dose of humour and drama, Pamela Yaye's story compels from beginning to end. First-grade teacher Makayla Stevens is having a hard time dealing with 5-year-old terror Terrance Blake, and his high-strung mother is too much for her. Enter the boy's sexy uncle, Kenyon Blake, who Makayla has had a crush on since she was an overweight teenager. Kenyon is strongly attracted to Makayla, and concerned about his nephew. He works overtime to get them both past their fears and reticence about relationships.

SisterFriendBookClub (4 Sistah Hugs):

Wickedly naughty, erotic, hot, passionate, and juicy to the very last drop! For the hopelessly romantic, this book is for you. In this tale, a love affair emerges between two people who could not be more different. Her Kind of Man touches on a very sensitive subject: self-image. The main character, Makayla Stevens, was overweight during her teen years, and although she was a knockout by the time she met her prince charming, she still battled with some self-image issues. I truly enjoyed reading this book, and I would highly recommend it because it was ummm..ummm…good!


Barnes and Noble Reviewer (4 Stars)

'The Trouble with Luv', is the first novel I've read by Mrs. Yaye and it was quite an enjoyable read. I enjoyed the differences between Xavier and Ebony. And I just loved the way he had that foot and mouth disease, where he kept putting his foot in his mouth, by assuming the worse of Ebony and having to apologize BIG time. It was very endearing to watch them struggle with their desire. Yet, still they waited until they both knew the time was right to make that move towards intimacy. And when it finally happened, OH, about HOT! Xavier and Ebony were as different as night and day, and yet when they were together they complimented each other spiritually, emotionally, mentally and definitely physically. This book once it got going was a page-turner with quite a few unexpected twists and turns. Looking forward to reading more from Mrs. Yaye.


PeoplewholoveGoodBooks, (5 stars)

Other People's Business by Pamela Yaye is a touching, romantic story. It will make you laugh, cry, or just sit and shake your head. Join Autumn and L.J. as they find love in an unexpected place: each other.

Urban Reviews:

OTHER PEOPLE’S BUSINESS by Pamela Yaye is a beautiful love story between two people that have had their share of bad relationships. Through the turmoil, they find each other and fall in love...even with all of the obstacles they keep running into. If you enjoy good romance novels and are not too keen on the sappy kind, then this book is for you. Pamela Yaye put a few tear-jerking moments in there, but she'll also have you talking out loud, yelling "Oh No He Didn't!" at times too. I would recommend Other People's Business to anyone who loves a happy ending.